It seems that each time we write this blog, there is another 'first' for us to celebrate.  As you know, we were the first dairy in the UK to provide Free Range Milk, and now you can be the very first to buy our Free Range Crumbly Lancashire cheese.  Last month, we trialed Stephensons Creamy Lancashire, and it was so popular that we quickly sold out!  Fans will be pleased to hear that the next batch is gently maturing to give that rich, smooth taste that you loved so much.  Stephensons Crumbly Lancashire is a lighter flavour, perfect sliced into a barm with a good chutney.  Our cheese is available along with all Stephensons milk deliveries, as well as Altrincham Market, Ancoats General Store and Billy's egg stall in Lancaster.

We are also celebrating the launch of Stephensons Free Range milk in 24 Booths supermarkets across the North, enabling customers outside of our delivery area to join our herd - we've received some lovely comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages from some brand new customers.  We also love welcoming new coffee shops to our herd, including one of our newest editions, Common Ground in Altrincham, owned by 3 Olympian athletes who know a thing or two about the health benefits of milk.

Meanwhile, lets hope we can enjoy a little more sunshine this summer - although the cows out in pasture are loving this rich green grass from all the recent rain.  There's a silver lining in every cloud!

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