Stephensons Free Range available in Booths from 1st July!


As the first company in the UK to launch pasture promise free range milk, we're delighted to let you know that Booths supermarket will be stocking our free range milk.  Not only are our customers enjoying its great taste, but also enjoying the fact that the milk is providing farmers with a sustainable future. Knowing where the milk comes from is becoming increasingly important as we are more aware of sustainability and food origins.

But it’s not just the farmers that benefit.  Free range eggs are almost the norm now, and we want the same benefits for dairy cows. Cows are inquisitive creatures and natural grazers, so the commitment of the farmers to keep their cows outside means happier cows, which reflects in the high quality of the milk.

In addition to the creamy colour and taste, it froths beautifully.  Our Free Range Milk was chosen for the recent UK Barista Championships, as we believe the best coffee deserves our best milk. So many of us now enjoy the luxury of a home coffee machine, why not try Free Range Milk in your next cappuccino or latte to experience the difference?

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