Image kindly supplied by  Morecambe Carnival /

Image kindly supplied by  Morecambe Carnival /

This month, we start to celebrate fairs and festivals across the country – some of these have traditions going back centuries.  My personal favourite is still Morecambe Carnival.

The festival scene seems to grow every year - from iconic music events such as Glastonbury, to local events like our very own Kite Festival - you can bet you’ll find something going on in a field or park near you most weekends throughout the summer. But I’m not sure that as a nation we think enough about how much our farming community is woven into the very fabric of our society and rural traditions. 

It’s a sad fact that 1 in 10 dairy farms closed between 2013 and 2016.  As the price of milk continues to come under pressure, our Free Range milk ensures that local farmers are paid a fair price to keep cows grazing in fields. 

The Fair Trade concept is so widely accepted now, that we rarely buy tea or coffee without considering if the plantation workers or coffee farmers are paid a fair price. By choosing Free Range you know that from the drop of milk in your cuppa, to the rich creamy froth of your cappuccino - you are making Fair Trade as important at home as it is overseas.

We really hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the great British countryside this summer.  See you at Morecambe Carnival in August!