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When you think of the companies that win prizes for innovation, a dairy probably wouldn’t immediately come to mind.  But that’s exactly what we achieved at the Bay Living Awards.  And the really important part is that we haven’t done anything to engineer our milk to make it special – completely the opposite.  

We are leading the way in promoting ethical milk that tastes great and performs well for our businesses. Most people presume all cows live outside, roaming on lush green pastures. This was the case traditionally, but the pressure on production and price has moved the dairy industry to become a more intensive factory farmed industry.  

We are the first dairy company to offer Free Range Milk under the Pasture Promise label in the UK. In return for a commitment to grazing their cows for a minimum of 180 days & nights a year, we pass a direct premium back to the farmers. We’ve enabled small farms in the region to make a sustainable living through traditional grassland farming.  

In addition, we’ve developed a fully audited system to ensure that every drop of milk from our farmers goes into your Free Range milk bottles and cheese.  Each morning, the tanker is tasked with going to our Free Range farms first, emptying the milk into a separate holding tank.  The milk is then processed and bottled on a completely separate line.

It is so rewarding for the whole team at Stephensons Dairy that our efforts to ensure that our customers know the full provenance of their milk and cheese has been recognised with this prestigious local award.

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